Labor Day Pool Party Tips

Labor Day Pool PartyIt’s Labor Day Weekend and time to bid goodbye to summer. Do it in style with one last pool party. Need an idea or two regarding what to do? Rachael Ray ( suggests the following tips to make your party the most enjoyable:

° Greet guests with ice cold drinks/cocktails as soon as they arrive.
° Set up a few mini serving areas around the pool area so everyone will feel free to mingle about.
° Scatter candles or outdoor lamps or tiki lamps around the entire pool area to cast a flattering glow, but don’t place citronella candles near the food as the chemicals can change the flavor of food.
° Place a grooming basket in the bathroom with lotion, sunscreen and towels for easy access.
° Fill and float an inflatable boat with ice and the drinks of your choice so those in the pool can grab a cold one as it floats by.
° Create a lounge area by tossing around a variety of throw pillows along the water’s edge for those who want to dangle feet or just hang.
° Add some flair to your decor by adding a few drops of blue food coloring to a hurricane vase filled with water. Top with a  floating candle for that extra touch.

Like her ideas? Read more here:


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