Choosing the right Fire Pit for the Backyard

outdoor fire pitAdding a fire pit to the patio area will be a great way to extend your time outdoors well into the fall. It is a wonderful addition to the poolscape, giving everyone a place to cozy around during the chilly evenings or a fun place to make some s’mores at home. The folks at offer these tips for choosing the right poolside fire pit:

° Choose the right fire pit material based on style and safety. Common materials include copper, cast iron and stainless steel. Built-in fire pits are available and are incorporated into the brick/concrete patio.

° Style is everything, and with so many options available, it’s important to consider your needs before making a purchase. Do you entertain large groups around the pool or plan to cook around the fire? Then a large bowl is a good choice. Do you want to avoid a smokey campfire feel? Then  a Mexican chiminea or one with a vent is right for you.

° Fire pits can use a variety of fuel options, too. Fire wood is best for a traditional camp ire feel. Hardwoods (oak) provide less smoke and can light faster. And if you want to cook on the fire pit, charcoal is best.

° Safety is most important. Fire pits should come with a mesh cover to keep the flames under control and embers from flying all over.

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