Get your Pool Winterized and Ready to Close for the Season

pool coverYour Labor Day pool party has come and gone and it’s time to think about closing the pool for the season. Winterizing the pool the correct way is key to a successful and problem-free opening in the springtime. There are a number of steps from the professionals at Pentair Water Pool and Spa ( winterizing.htm) that you can take to get the pool in tip-top shape for closing:

° Clean out the pool, skimmer and pump basket. Scrub the tile and vacuum it one last time.
°  Balance the water chemistry by adjusting the pH, total alkalinity, calcium and chlorine levels.
° Protect the pool from freezing water, as it can expand and cause serious damage. Drain the water below the skimmer mouth but DO NOT drain the pool.
° Disconnect your pump and filter, make sure all water is drained completely from the pump and store any small plugs in the pump basket to easily find next year. Drain the heater of any standing water by blowing it out with a compressor or shop vac. Remove all return jet fittings and skimmer baskets.
° Clean the filter thoroughly.
° Install a floatation device in the center of the pool under the cover so to balance rainwater and ice that could form on your pool cover.
° Install the winter cover.

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