Tips for Hot Tub and Pool Energy Consumption

Energy Conservation
Reducing energy consumption is a hot topic these days, and there are ways to manage the use of energy with your pool or spa. Here a few conservation tips to consider from EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse:

Hot Tub Users

° Set the hot tub heater thermostat to maintain 102 degrees F
° Shift hot tub water heating to off-peak times (peak hours include 6 to 10 a.m. and 5 to 9 p.m.)
° Turn down the thermostat when you’re on vacation.
° Reduce pumping cycles
° Use a hard cover that has good insulation
° Add a floating blanket
° Avoid wasting water
° Drain the hot tub only when necessary
° Create windbreaks around the tub
° Buy only energy efficient hot tubs

Pool Users

° Use a cover, chemical cover and safety cover
° Set the pool temperature to 78 degrees F
° Follow the recommended circulation times
° Clean filters only when necessary
° Install energy efficient motors or a smaller pump or motor
° Add a time clock
° Correct any leaks or service problems that occur
° Inspect automatic pool cleaners to make sure they are in peak operating condition
° Have users keep the water in the pool
° Rarely drain pools
° Create windbreaks around the pool

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